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SensorHut was founded in late 2013 in order to commercialise our new patent-pending chemical sensing technique. We’re based in Cambridge, UK and have strong links to the University.

Our innovative chemical sensing technology is more sensitive, more selective and smaller than our competitors. 

We aim to provide sensor solutions in a number of areas where more accurate measurement of volatile organic compounds is required. These applications range from monitoring of industrial processes to medical diagnostics. We are focussed on research and development and will exploit our innovations through partnerships and licensing.​

Dr Tanya Hutter

PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. Seven years experience in the field of chemical sensing,optical detection and nano-technology.

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Josh Prestage
Mr Josh Prestage

MSc in Physical Chemistry from the University of Leicester. 

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Dr Serrita McAuley

PhD in Electronic Engineering from the University of Surrey. Seven years experience in developing Silicon etch DRIE processes on ICP machines for customer applications.

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Will Winter
Dr William Winter

PhD in Engineering from the University of Cambridge. 

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Tanya Hutter
Dr Shamus Husheer

PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. Fifteen years of experience in developing instrumentation, co-founding and funding four Angel and VC-backed companies.

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